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Dear outgoing 2018 Gopabandhuans

Reminiscing the past years is indeed fruitful and fulfilling.    But hardly get time to go back on nostalgic memory lane in a busy schedule.  The ups and downs experienced in day to day life is a wonderful way to explore ourselves.  Living closely with variety of students came as a duty and lived it through thick and thin.  Many instances of pleasure, fun, warmth, despair, pain, passed through the pages of life.  But each one added to my bag of learning.  As it is time to bid farewell to yet another precious bundle of Gopaabandhu, my heart mellows down, deep within me I hear a prayer to you all constantly ‘wherever you are, have a blissful life’.  Make your life pleasant and make your surrounding vibrant. Let there be an aura radiating from you to create a school that is happy, a home that is peaceful.  I am sure the learning in the Institute and hostel will have an impact in your professional as well as personal life that you will not miss to recognise as you ascend the ladder of success.

The outcome of bitter experience is always sweet, if at all we reflect on it, if at all we own it.  Negativism is an impulse, an outburst that spring from us, but positivism is innate, natural for us.  Positivism is alive in every one by virtue of our existence in this universe.  We need to cultivate our positive inner qualities reflecting on every outburst, with each impulsive expression that creep up on occasions without demand.  Destructive emotions can be managed effectively with awareness and regulation.  As a parting message let me give you one simple art of developing this awareness and regulation – self discipline.

Self discipline is one of the key human values.  Following a routine is the simplest way to achieve this.  All the body cells, the organs are at peace with this self regulatory behaviour.  Orderliness oozes out creating balance within and around us if we can stick to routine.  With this we can hold our head high always; no need of searching for lame excuses troubling the brain and body with frequent slip from the track.  Discipline when imposed from outside is usually counterproductive. Regulation from fear never gives enthusiasm.  But self regulation gives contentment, saves from inner turmoil.  Embrace this simple value; it is not only for self, but also for others as well as for humanity at large.

 Love you all, wish you the best every moment.

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