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Seeing the brighter side of examination helps

“Examination” the term is associated with trouble, distress, confusion, turmoil, pain, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, and many more disturbing emotions. And, the funny part is that we live it, as all are doing so. We feel contended that we are also like others having all the trouble. For a change, let us know ourselves. Let us take some time to anlyse the emotions that we are undergoing. Am I sad? Am I anxious? Am I troubled? Is it a combination of two or more emotions? Am I disturbed and angry? Am I troubled and stressed? Am I disturbed, troubled and stressed? OMG!! I don’t know.
Take time, experience each feeling and name it. See the gradation of it. If you are stressed, find out the level of stress. If you are in pain, know the intensity of pain. This helps in working towards reducing the same. Once you identify, know that it is natural and accept it. The disturbance settles to some extent. Most of the times, one negative emotion leads to the other. Find out which one is leading to the other. In case you are not able to assess your own emotions speaking to someone helps. Once you accept your unpleasant feeling towards examination, know the reason for it. Is it due to self-induced pressure of doing the best, is it expectation by school and family? Is it lack of preparation? Is it because of no clear goal for the future? Is it due to not being able to know your own abilities and potentials? Is it because of chasing the goal that is set by others? You will feel relived once to know the reason for your trouble during the time of examination. Take little more time and refute fears that are baseless. If there are some genuine anxiety, accept it and work towards it.
Further, see by chance if there are any pleasant emotions associated with it!! I am not joking!!! Believe me!!!! It will be there, but it is submerged under the huge heavy bundle of unpleasant emotions. Search for those emotions. Relaxation after the examination, accomplishment of success, happiness of going for higher studies, fulfillment of getting seat in my dream college/school, entering the world of work of my choice, confidence of becoming an earning member, pride in contributing to the cause, success, achievement, recognition, much more. Hye!! come on, wake up, get up, brush up, let us go to face the hurdle as crossing the hurdle is for the treasure.
There is no success without disturbance, difficulty. To get the benefit of anything there will be a hurdle of hard work and distress. But the thought of crossing the hurdle by knowing the pleasure on the other side is refreshing. Phrases like “no one has drowned in sweat”, “the fruits of hard work are always sweet”, “the one who toils will succeed”, “hard work never goes unrewarded” etc. are worth realizing, rethinking, reliving during the time of exam.
You reap what you sow. You are the maker of your destiny. Know yourself and be with yourself. Examination is a day, daily we face examination of life. Let us face. There is still time. Start the work, hard work, more work, sincere work.