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Challenges and Issues in Implementation of Inclusive Education

I. P. Gowramma


The future citizens of every country are its greatest resource. For the progress of the nation, all children have to get opportunities they deserve to grow and blossom to their fullest potential. On the contrary, there are evidences to show that children are the most vulnerable for exploitation. Though Governments around the world have expressed support against discrimination in phrases like ‘equal rights’ and ‘equality of opportunities’, informal discrimination is widespread. It is embedded in social, economic and political processes that restrict life chances for some groups and individuals. {UNESCO global monitoring report 2010}. Obstacles in any form will pose challenging situations to the ambitious policy of our country in promoting an effective mandate on- “Inclusive Education”. However, as teacher educators, let us examine how these could be converted into favourable situations. Before analysing the challenges and constraints, let us also examine in brief the contributing factors for the success of the programme. We shall gear up to the task ahead of preparing our students to face the challenges.


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Challenges and Issues in Implementation of Inclusive Education