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Holistic Approach For Management of Learning Disability and Attention Deficit Disorder – A Case Study

Dr. Ramaa S.
Dr. Gowramma I. P.
Year: 2001


Children with learning disability constitute 10% of our school population. Wastage and stagnation in primary school level are common among children with learning disabilities due to lack of proper intervention strategies, though they are potential learners. The situation becomes all the more complicated if learning disability has got any associated disability. So it is necessary to understand cheir problems and strategies which are helpful in overcoming those problems. The case studies are useful in this direction. For the present case study, a case of learning disability associated with attention deficit disorder is taken. Understanding the problem, selecting suggested intervention strategies, implementing the strategies and finding out the effectiveness of the  strategies, makes this case study.


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Holistic Approach for Management of Learning Diisability and Attention Deficit Disorder – A Case Study