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Inclusive Education: What, Why and How

Chief Editor
Prof. Prem Lata Sharma
Dr. M.U. Paily
Dr. I.P. Gowramma


World over there is a renewed efforts in defining inclusive education, identifying the characteristics of various inclusive learners, describing the characteristics of inclusive classrooms, innovating teaching learning strategies, and adapting assessment practices.

Though the inclusive education as an educational practice has taken roots in the country, still there appears to be misunderstanding about the concept of inclusive education, the need and importance of inclusive education in the schools and how to implement this practice as a school wide programme. With the right to education becoming a fundamental right, the need to create inclusive educational environment and implement inclusive educational practices have become a mandatory requirement on the part of various stake holders of education. Government of India through its flagship programmes of SSA and RMSA is addressing the concerns of Universalization of elementary education and improving the quality of education both at elementary and secondary level. Quality can only be ensured by taking along all the learners. The maximum problem of dropout and stagnation at elementary stage is happening due to lack of early identification of children with diverse needs. Teachers are not sufficiently equipped to understand the educational needs of children with mild level of intellectual, sensory, health and other problems in time. They are also not equipped with necessary skills and competencies needed to educate children with diverse needs in existing elementary schools. The teacher educators need to train teachers to take this responsibility effectively.

It is in this background that the institute has planned to develop this book on “Inclusive education: What, Why, and How” to find some solutions to the issues related to inclusive education. In this book there are four sections. Section- I: Includes Status of Inclusive Education – Issues and Concerns. In Second Section details related to Managing Children with Diverse Needs are discussed. The Third Section is on teaching different Subjects in Inclusive classroom and the last section is on Support for Children in Inclusive Classroom.

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Link to Download the Book will be available soon